A dear friend of mine, Edward, recently started his spiritual journey reminded me about the trial of cleansing. As you choose to become spiritual, you do not immediately find solace. Nor is the path linear or smooth. When I started to do the things that were nurturing to my soul, such as meditation, a clean diet, making better life choices and discontinuing unheathy relationships. The unresolved, festering issues of my past bubbled up and oozed from my psyche and sometimes even my pores. All that had been stuffed down for the majority of my life began to surface. Id like to tell you I was always wise or strong enough to embraced the chaos and the pain. I was not. I sometimes blamed God, questioned everything and hated myself on a deeper level than I ever thought possible. The spiritual path is beyond challenging but if you are brave enough to allow God to be your safety net as you walk the highwire thru the heartache; You will decipher a method of sifting thru all of the poison and clutter. You will become free. Free from all the emotionally suffocating baggage. Free from the triggers than take you back to the painful encounters that keep you stuck in an endless loop of illogical thoughts. You will achieve inner peace and authenticity. Hold fast even when you curse the path, trust God, and keep an eye on your path even when you need a break from the work. Yes, it will be work. The reward awaiting you on the other side of the toxicity of your past is a natural joy and love of life and of all who coexist. The Freedom that loving yourself brings is infinite and beautiful beyond measure or description


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