****The loss of Robin Williams created waves of grief and controversy. I recall the heartsinking moment I heard the news. First,I envisioned that colorfully genuine and mischevious smile. Secondly,I thought of his grieving children and family. I could only imagine how deeply distraught he must have been to leave them behind.My Facebook newsfeed was flooded with posts and pictures of the late actor.




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  1. I too have had periods in my life in which such a thing was contemplated, especially in High School and in the first couple of years in college, periods in which it seemed I was getting crushed under the weight of outrageous expectations and trying to keep together a family who was in the middle of going their separate ways out of contempt of each other. The light at the end of a tunnel came from an old friend of one of my parents who showed me that there was more to life than trying to impress family and rush to an early maturity, someone that I owe everything I am now to, and want to give back to in kind as much as I can. Everybody needs somebody to keep them hoping, and to keep them trying, and keep them trusting in the kindness of others.

    • People fail to recognize the impact we can have on a life. There were days when just a smile from a stranger or a “hello,how are you?” kept me afloat. Society adores and nurtures willingly those with physical illnesses and challenges yet refuses to fully embrace the ailings of a wounded heart and mind. As if that which we can not see with our eyes is of less value. Thus, many people are forced to become actors in their own lives to appease family members and those around them,rather than allow the true colors of the pain they live with daily to disturb the illusion.

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