Monthly Archives: December 2014

I was lacking a sufficient support system. Grasping onto the frazzled end of my emotional rope and feeling unbearably overewhelmed and drained. I was out of hope. This was either the end or the beginning. I had two options. I could surrender to the suicidal echoings or freefall into a life altering transformation.




At one point during my awakening process,i was attempting to tame my ego. It is my belief that the ego grows disproportionately large in those with inner child issues. The process of disassembling such a powerful force is by no means a linear task. At one point I recognized my distorted thought process as the product of an unhealthy belief system. This is where the ego acts as a detriment ,rather than the humanizer it is intended to be. I have always said ,we do not have the ability to truly see ourselves. Our lives are illuminated by the light supporting our belief system.



****The loss of Robin Williams created waves of grief and controversy. I recall the heartsinking moment I heard the news. First,I envisioned that colorfully genuine and mischevious smile. Secondly,I thought of his grieving children and family. I could only imagine how deeply distraught he must have been to leave them behind.My Facebook newsfeed was flooded with posts and pictures of the late actor.



This is my attempt to support and possibly entertain those of you in the process of questioning your validity as a human being facing suicide and/or a spiritual awakening.. I truly believe we all have the capacity to endure great challenges and struggles throughout our lives. I also believe that each of us with varying degrees of tolerance may quite possibly find ourselves at a crossroads. My crossroad arrival occurred in January of 2013 like a flickering neon sign. I found myself completely underwater, drowning in an endless sea of anguish and fear.